Performance Plus Training Systems is dedicated to the idea of optimizing the volleyball athlete's skill level. We will push our players to attain their best, while still creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and passion for the sport. The principles of our system will employ hard work, clarity of mental aspects of the game, and proven techniques for success. We expect our athletes, staff, and support network to be of the highest quality, strongest character, and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.
2013 System Highlights

  • Sessions will be position specific, excluding incoming 4th through 8th graders.
  • We will try to keep the ratio of players to coach at no more than 12 to 1.
  • Session flexibility will be available, but is subject to early sign up.
  • AAU membership through AAU, will be offered and encouraged for all of our members.
  • Private Lessons will be offered for any interested parties.
  • Online registration available

Training Sessions Offered

  • Outside Hitter Training-A progressive system to initiate the player seeking to hit on the left or right side. All facets of this position will be covered and reinforced.
  • Advanced Outside Hitter-Fundamentals will be enforced as well as including more dynamic actions and theory involved in this position.
  • Setter Training-The fundamental skills and mental aspects of the game will be taught during this session. Great choice for the first year setter.
  • Advanced Setter-This session will provide advanced technique and theory of the setting position. Facets such as jump setting, tempo setting, and combination pattern setting will be covered in this session.
  • Middle Hitter Training-Basic foot work and arm-swing patterns will be covered in this session. Beginning theory of blocking responsibility will also be introduced.
  • Advanced Middle Hitter-Advanced attacking and blocking schemes will be covered in this session. "Read" and identify systems will be covered as well.
  • Libero/Defensive Specialist-Ball control and defensive technique will highlight this session. Form and function will be emphasized.
  • Youth Development Sessions-Sessions will concentrate on laying the groundwork for future volleyball success. Overall skills and technique will be the focal point of these sessions. Player enjoyment and fun will combine with dedicated training to make this an exciting session. 4th through 8th GRADE ATHLETES.

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