Performance Plus Volleyball is Fort Wayne’s best state-of-the-art volleyball training system.   Conceived in 2006, PPV had a mission to change the training of volleyball athletes from average to exceptional.  As of 2013 the program has enjoyed a perfect placement record for its senior athletes.  Participating in the prestigious Chicago Power League (arguably the best in the nation), Performance Plus teams have enjoyed tremendous success.  This allows our players the best chance to maximize their ability to play at the next level.

 Coaches at PPV have participated in the sport as players ranging from professional to novice, high level coaches from college to grade school, and even fans of the sport.  Their backgrounds in the sport are exceptional, and their class, caring for athletes, and character are above reproach. 

We take great pride in being an innovator, while still staying true to our elite system of training athletes the best possible way.  Our process must be working, the competition seems to attempt to duplicate several of our programs.  The measure of a great club isn’t the elite athletes in its system, the true proof is in the advancement of ALL its athletes’ progression.  College coaches seem  to be taking notice as we get inquiries every year for student- athletes from Division I through NAIA.

Our journey began with private individual and small group skill training sessions.  The area had traveling teams, but the area was lacking in precise individual training. The creation of Performance Plus allowed players of every level to discover their volleyball potential.  No nonsense volleyball fundamentals, with the emphasis on creating healthy and exceptional volleyball athletes,  allowed us to create necessary change in the Summit City and surrounding areas.  The Performance Plus training system continues to give the youth volleyball community the best chance to enhance/perfect their skill sets. 

From our inception 7 years ago to the bright future of PPV, our legacy is a true success story.  We have taken the greatest pride in producing exceptional athletes, good citizens, and youth with the greatest of character traits.  Our mission is not to “overhype” or oversell our product to the Fort Wayne community.  We push our athletes to their limits and give them the knowledge/training to be exceptional.  There is no magic pill to athletic success, and paying more/buying more is not a path to greatness.  Volleyball is a passion to all our members, both players and coaches.  Training athletes to be the best is a privilege and requires non-stop  experience/dedication to task.  Performance Plus Volleyball has persevered and prospered because our system produces results pure and simple. 

The PPV Family

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